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People cultivating
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People in agriculture making a difference.

Homegrown Stories is a storytelling project. It celebrates the hardworking people in our food system trying to do things right. The people of these stories are hard at work to create diverse, wholesome, regional food systems in our communities. We feature people working hard to keep the land healthy and their communities nourished.  

Our producers are telling their stories in an effort to change the narrative of agriculture in America one story at a time.


We're changing the narrative.

Industrial agriculture isn’t any different than any other big corporate interest. They’re not out here to benefit the communities. No matter what their PR people say, that’s not what their motivation is.
— Mitch Wolgamott, Oregon Rural Action

We’re telling the story of a food system that provides wholesome food to consumers, livable wages to producers and sustainability for the environment.

The farmers, ranchers, consumers and workers we feature on Homegrown Stories have made a choice to care for the land, their livestock and the people who eat their food. They’re creating a more robust, vibrant, and secure food system.

This is the way that a food system should function.

Yet, large, multinational ag corporations have spun a different story the past 50 years. We’ve been taught that Wall Street can run farms and ranches better than families can. We’ve been taught that bigger farms are better farms, and that businesses know what’s best for consumers.

The reality is that some 100,000 American farmers and ranchers go out of business each year under this paradigm. We lose thousands of acres of farm and pastureland every single day. As farms continue to consolidate and international corporations vertically integrate to control and profit more from each stage of the process, consumers have less choice, and independent family producers have fewer options to sell.

Their system doesn’t work. Not for consumers, not for producers, and not for the communities in which they live.  

So we offer, instead, a new narrative. One that shows how support for family producers, sustainable production, and fair markets can help rural communities thrive and prosper, and feed future healthy generations. It starts with sharing stories of people who are already doing just that.

These are farm and ranch families cultivating good food, healthy land and rural vitality.

This is #HomegrownStories



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Customers and producers need to work together. We’ve got to be willing to make choices for our health and our children; food is so linked to our health.
— Jeanie Alderson, Northern Plains Resource Council
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